Affiliate Links

So, we’ve all heard of Affiliate Links, haven’t we? Do we all understand what they are though?


People who sell Things (Sellers) want to sell more of their Things, right? More sales = more revenue = more financial freedom (or world dominance, if you’re Amazon). As well as selling through their website or other channels, Sellers may also have a team of Affiliates who advertise/promote the Seller’s Things for them.


Affiliates might advertise these Things on their own website with a special link that relates only to them. If a Buyer comes to the Affiliate’s website and clicks on the Affiliate Link and actualy buys the Thing, the Seller will know, because of the special link, that the Affiliate has facilitated that sale.


Because a sale has taken place using the Affiliate Link, the Seller then gives the Affiliate a little bit of wonga to say thank you. The Buyer doesn’t pay for this and the little bit of wonga isn’t added to the purchase price to the Buyer. The little bit of wonga comes out of the Seller’s profit (but he has more of it, right, because all the Affiliates are creating lots more sales (hopefullly) and so the Seller doesn’t mind giving a bit of that away).


To be very clear, honest and transparent on this blog, I’m going to tell you when I post an Affiliate Link, and it is of course your choice if you click on it or not  ;0)