Podcasts lead me in the right direction


Podcasts. I just love them, don’t you? I listen to them all the time, on all subjects. Some of my favourites are Hello Internet, Cortex, The CultCast, Side Hustle School (by fab author Chris Guillebeau – check out links to his books on the Resources page), Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, StartUp Podcast, Beautiful Anonymous, Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, The Tim Ferriss Show (his books on my Resources page too – so good), Surprisingly Awesome… oh my goodness, I could go on and on. But I won’t x

Seriously though, if you haven’t branched out into the wonderful world of podcasts, do it now. I use Overcast to listen to mine, but likely your phone already has an app for playing these things!

Anyway – I digress…

Merch Entrepreneur

On my regular hunt for a new podcast to lsiten to, looking for a passive income listen, no doubt, I came across the Merch Entrepreneur podcast by Elaine Heney. Now, I was very excited to see this podcast as I had no idea there would be something to listen to about Merch By Amazon, so I readily downloaded the first episode.

Then I read the title of the first episode: “How I made $6754 with Merch by Amazon in one month“. Hooked in, right there.

Elaine is a digital nomad (someone who can do their job from anywhere with an internet connection). She started out working in the corporate world but decided that wasn’t for her and went out into the big wide internet world to see if she could earn her money in other ways.

Merch by Amazon is only one of the things Elaine does as a digital nomad, but she made nearly $7k in her 7th month on the platform, so something for us all to strive for! Give her podcast a listen – from the beginning – it really is very enlightening.

And it’s what made me get straight over to Amazon and sign up for Merch.

I signed up on August 17th, and then I made myself a little calendar to check off (I really did… saddo). I’d heard that it took 3-ish months to get approved so I was counting down the days. I also encouraged a couple of people close to me to apply. I just knew it was going to be good.


While I was waiting, I wanted to learn as much about Merch as possible and how to go about things when I did get approved. I scoured the internet for anything I could find on this subject and joined lots of Facebook groups.

Check out the Resources page for my favourites, and I urge you to join as many as you can handle as they are a huge source of real-time information that you won’t get anywhere else.

Next time, I’ll take you through the other Print On Demand sites I joined while waiting for Merch, and how I started to make sales on the designs that I had created. Yes, ME!

Adios x