T-Shirt Design? Hmmm… Not For Me.

I first found out about Merch by Amazon early in 2017. I was in one of my ‘searching for ways to make passive income’ phases, looking for alternative income streams and came across this free article: “How To Sell More Shirts” (or the first three chapters of his e-book of the same subject) from a guy called Michael Essek who is, by all accounts, one of the people smashing it in the t-shirt / print on demand business. I bookmarked his stuff for later (as it turned out, much later) and carried on my mission.

Merch By Amazon

So at this point, I’m going to give you a small outline of what exactly Merch By Amazon is.

We’re all familiar with the brilliantness (it’s a word! Hehe) that is Amazon, right?  I remember when Amazon was an online bookstore only. Now look! Whatever products you want, usually delivered quicker than you can say “send it now please”, and more often than not cheaper than anywhere else. I LOVE Amazon! Well, not only have they branched out into more areas than we probably realise, but they are now in the business of selling t-shirts.

You might have seen some fun shirts on Amazon.com and even purchased one or two of them. Maybe you didn’t realise that those t-shirts you saw and bought were designed by people like you and me. Yup. You got that right. Joe Public designs a LOT of the t-shirt products you see on Amazon.com and they do it through the program called Merch by Amazon.

I will go into more detail about the ins and outs of Merch in a later post. Keep an eye out!

So where was I? Oh yes, I had discovered Michael Essek and read his free chapters on how to sell more shirts, had a browse through his website and carried on doing some research on the matter. A million bookmarks and a lot of reading later, I promptly thought “I can’t design shirts – what am I even thinking”, filed it all away under “Side Hustle – Possible” and moved on.  I had no graphic design experience and just thought that opportunity was for other people. Who would by a shirt I had designed? Precisely no-one.

In the lead up to summer 2017 I carried on looking for things I could do in addition to the day job which might one day make my work at home dreams come true. I stumbled upon many, many websites offering the usual click-bait drenched titles like “22 Ways To Make Money In Your Sleep” and “47 Businesses You Can Start Now For Free” and they never offered me anything I could do. Yes, if I wanted to be a maths tutor or freelance consultant, great. If not, well…. none of those sites ever offered me anything I could do.

And that is when I put a pin in it.

I had a lovely summer, I got on with my demanding job, and I enjoyed my family.

Next time: how I re-discovered Merch by Amazon,  other print on demand services and how I think this opportunity has massive potential to actually change lives (you know what, I know that it has already)

Bye for now x,

(Side Note: I have since discovered a few really good articles of this nature which I would have liked to have found when I was searching last year. I’ll link to some of them in the Resources page.)

Passive Income And My Quest To Find It – Introduction

Hello. This is me.

Friends – this blog is about me and my search for an alternative way from the usual grind to earn a living – preferably passive income. I commute for an hour and a half each way to work and I want to cut that shizzle out. Pre-children, the travelling was not such a big deal but now they are here (and have been for some time), the yearning to be at home more is killer.

I have a job with LONG hours, with great pay and bonuses which enable us to do so much. However, it’s not family-friendly in any way, shape or form.

It’s something we work around as a family and are used to it, however, more and more over the last year or so I’ve realize I want to change things up. I’m looking at ways to work from home, make passive income and just see what is out there. (Isn’t ‘passive Income’ the dream for everyone? Yeah, I’m aware that this is a pipe dream…. such a lot of hard work needs to be done before ANYTHING becomes passive – I’m down with that).

And here we are.

Still working a full-time (and then some) job, dreaming of the day I can work from a laptop at home (or on a beach, am I right?), raking in thousands from all different little ventures!

Ha. I’m not so naive as to think this is going to happen, or if it even gets half way there, that it’s going to happen any time soon. I AM going to give it a good shot though, and I want YOU to come with me. I read many blogs on passive income, how to make money doing this and that – never anything I consider ‘me’ to be honest (I’m not a tutor, I don’t teach courses, there IS a book in me, but not sure of the subject), or am brave enough to try (trading…me? Nah.), but I never found one that was live, so to speak, and took me on the journey with the writer.

What I’m going to bring you.

This blog is going to be my warts and all story/journey of what I do and how I do it and at the end of each month I’m going to let you know what cold, hard cash I make doing it! Sound good? Great. If you fancy it, sign up here with your email address and I’ll be in touch when I put up a new post.

Feel free to join me in the quest for financial freedom, peeps. I’d love to have you along for the ride. Absolutely send me a message or comment below with any questions and I’ll try to answer in a reasonable amount of time (remember the full-time job and family, folks :0) xx)

One final note: In the interests of absolute clarity, sometimes there may be some links in this blog that are affiliate links to products I like, use and recommend. This means that if you click on the link and it takes you to a product that you like and buy, I might get a commission from the Vendor. It doesn’t change the price you pay for the product – honest. Also, some links won’t be affiliate links, but I’ll tell you which ones are. ;0)